About GIZ and the FLERMONECA Project

The global objective of FLERMONECA is to promote the stability and security of the countries of Central Asia, to assist them in their pursuit of sustainable economic development and poverty reduction and to facilitate closer regional cooperation both within Central Asia and between Central Asia and the EU.

The specific objective of the FLERMONECA project is to enhance regional cooperation and partnership with Europe in the fields of forest and biodiversity governance, including environmental monitoring. This is pursued through supporting the sustainable use and management of natural resources in Central Asia and by addressing issues such as climate change, forest governance (the FLEG process), ecological restoration and environmental data collection, exchange, monitoring and assessment.

The Regional Programme of Sustainable Use of Natural Resources in Central Asia of GIZ Team is the main implementator of the EU FLERMONECA Project. In all five countries of Central Asia, our programme supports local communities and government authorities responsible for sustainable management of natural resources — forests, pastures and wildlife.

Our activities are aimed at ensuring that the use of ecological systems and their services do not lead to a decrease in biodiversity. At the same time, we are helping poor rural segments of the population, who depend directly on natural resources, to adapt to climate change.

At pilot sites, we test new practices and adapt them to local conditions. Experience is spread throughout the region and formalized legally and institutionally. To better facilitate the exchange of expertise and best practices among stakeholders, we actively use and promote K-Link. This tool provides participating parties with necessary information relating to natural resource management on various web-sites, and thus preserves their independent status and control over personalized databases.

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