September 2016

Agency of Forestry K-DMS configured in Tajikistan

July 2016

K-DMS configured for Scientific Information Centers of Interstate Commission for Sustainable Development in Tajikistan and Turkmenistan

June 2016

2 CAREC K-DMS configured and part of K-Link Public Network

May 2016

Interstate Commission for Sustainable Development (ICSD) officially announced integration of K-DMS and Ecoportal

April 2016

Camp Alatoo K-DMS activated as a K-Link node

January 2016

K-DMS of Ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change in high-mountainous regions of Central Asia (EbA) joins K-Link Public Network

December 2015

Ecomuseum KDMS has been activated

KDMS for University of Central Asia

Regional Pasture Network lauched on KDMS

K-Link pilot finished

October 2015
June 2015

K-Link Pilot Launched

March 2014

Proof of Concept

The Workshop, where K-Link was presented to relevant stakeholders whose feedback helped us to develop the roadmap for the future K-Link Pilot.