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K-Link DMS

The K-Link DMS (K-DMS or DMS) is a Document Management System. The main target of the DMS is to help organizations handle documents produced during the normal workflow and project management.

This enables your organization to have a cohesive system for organizing, uploading, sharing and searching documents. The DMS is hosted inside your organization, leaving your data always under your control. The K-Link Network allows you to connect and share.

The DMS is also available as a web application, accommodating a wide range of access (e.g. computers, laptops, tablets) from inside and outside your organization network.



  • Search among project documents
  • Search among documents uploaded by you
  • Search filtering based on language, document type, institution that uploaded the document, etc.
  • View recent searches
  • Star documents for faster access

Upload Documents

  • Upload Documents from local disk
  • Upload multiple files at once using the bflexser
  • Import folders stored on a network drive
  • Import from a URL (if you want to have some web pages)
  • Define user-permissions
  • Multiple document version support

Document Collection

  • Organize documents in collection for your convenience*
  • Hierarchical support
  • Assign documents to more than one collection (labeling)
  • Create a personal collection

*file will always reside on the disk in one copy


  • Share private documents with users of the DMS
  • Share entire collections to users*

*documents added to the collection after its creation are automatically shared


  • Organize your workflow based on a goal
  • Unlimited project creation
  • Allow new users to join the community
  • Fully searchable

Help Desk

  • Request support from the DMS
  • Suggest new features and enhancements


  • Create a web page to promote your project
  • Content translatable into different languages
  • Search support

K-Link Network

  • Join the K-Link Network with a ‘single click’
  • Search over the K-Link Network documents (available also without login)
  • Publish content to the K-Link Network
The K-DMS evolved into the K-Box, Check it out!